Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The Elite Five

Since going to bookshops is my favorite thing to do, why not compile a list?

1. Quinto & Francis Edwards Booksellers, 71 Charing Cross rd

The best thing about Quinto & Francis is the rows of books you see as soon as you enter. The bookshop has high shelves that seem to tower over you, but give the shop a warm and welcoming vibe. Location wise the bookshop has three other bookshops on the same street, Yay, more bookshops.

2. Primrose Hill Books , 134 Regent's Park Rd  Greater London NW1 8XL

Primrose hill books are a lovely bookshop that is situated two minutes away from Primrose Hill Park. The location of the bookshop is surrounded by dreamy houses and quaint restaurants/cafe. The best thing about this bookshop is the location, as what better way to enjoy a new book than at the top of Primrose hill whilst the sun sets.

3. Book and Comic Exchange, 14 Pembridge Rd, London, Greater London W11 3HL

This book shop has aisles and aisles of used and new books. The shop feels like a record shop with cool music, cool people and a row of comics in the middle. Accessibility wise the shop is a minute away from a Starbucks, so getting lost in the new novel is made easier by the availability of coffee and hot chocolate.

4. Daunt, Baker Street, Regent’s Park | 83/84 Marylebone High St, W1U 4QW.

Daunt is a must see bookshop in London. Once entering the shop the nostalgia of balconies make it impossible to not want to live in the shop.  Although Daunt is referred to as a travel bookshop, they have an extendable amount of fiction and non- fiction novels.  Daunt is personally one of my favourite bookshops in London, with different floors and balconies, escaping reality for a while is a lot more fun.

5.  London Review Bookshop, Holborn, Russell Square, 14 Bury Place, WC1A 2JL.

The London Review Bookstore combines books, tea and cake so it was obviously going to make this list. On the outside the store looks fairly small yet it holds 20,000 books on two floors; it even has a dumb waiter filled with books. The store has a range of essays, poetry and non-fiction books that you may not have even heard of. The London review bookshop is a proper bookshop that attends to all your senses, with the smell of paper reaching you as soon as you've walked in, where it’s quite enough that it’s not lonely or empty. If you are looking for a bookshop that sells tea and cakes alongside books then the London Review Bookshop is for you.


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