Friday, 23 December 2011

How do you do?

Humble Friend,

I haven't written to you before so I think that I will start.
I don't seem to like/love anything however, I do love the winter, and I always have done it puts everything into perspective, but also makes me think about insignificant things that are happening in my life. Thinking about the 'what if's', what others may be doing at the time. Reading plays and novels so everything can stop, so that the only thing that matters are the people in my book.

So maybe I just like the feeling of winter that it's, so cold that your fingers freeze whilst wearing gloves, zipping up your jacket just to get some sort of warmth and that the Christmas lights that have been put up everywhere just make you smile stupidly on your way home from school. Maybe that's the reason I like winter; because winter is ambiguous it can be whatever you want it to be just by perhaps changing your outlook on the situation.


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