Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Do we really know anything?

I figured I need to stop writing on this like it's my own diary or journal of sorts, so I will no longer be writing this like entry posts.

The one thing I don't quite understand is equality. Not in the sense of what it means but what people what it to achieve in a sense. Recently I've been working on this project at school to make a video about rape, but not your typical rape awarenesses video, a video from the perpetrators perspective. My group and I are always asked 'what do you want to achieve from this?', the majority of the group simply said to promote equality and that even the 'villain' feels guilty.

However, that still didn't make sense; what exactly did we want to achieve in the long run?

Equality gets thrown around a lot that we have no idea what we even mean when we say 'we want equality'. In the end we decided we wanted respect for both parties involved. Even though I still never understood by what we meant to say with wanting equality, I was still satisfied by what I had gained. Seeing as it still somewhat helped us with a greater understanding of what we wanted to do. This also leads to the realisation that I gathered,does anyone actually know what they mean when they say 'we are fighting for equality'?

This still sounds like an diary/journal entry.


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