Sunday, 23 June 2013

Current Musical Musings

2 posts in 2 days, I know SHOCKER!

I've currently rediscovered my love for the Arctic Monkeys, I mean, all four albums have been playing in the background for the past week. So obviously when they released their new song a few days a ago my love quickly became obsession.

Moving on...

I've really been digging a Californian band named The Neighbourhood. Beside the fact that they are all INSANELY hot, they have become one of my favorite bands (my friends hate them because I fangirl about every interview!) with their overarching vibe of melancholy, why wouldn't a teenager love them?

Last but not least,

Matt Corby!! Matt Corby is originally an angel and Australian. I saw Matt Corby this week at KOKO in Camden and let me say he did not disappoint! I discovered him last year but after buying tickets to his gig I loved him even more (it was like I found my favorite pair of jeans again.) So here he is:


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