Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Art of Television

I have no excuse to why I haven't posted anything for about a year.

Binge Watching: Finishing all three seasons of a show in 2 days. May lead to intense sadness with The Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel being the soundtrack to your life.

The premise of Binge watching is something that most people do, myself included, to either catch up on a whole new show or to re-watch it. There has been some debate over the ideal of 'Binge Watching', as suspense and character development is more explicitly presented through watching an episode a week.

Although t.v. shows such as Arrested Development and House of Cards, was released onto Netflix in its entirety, aiding 'Binge Watching' rather than promoting the watcher to endure the same situations as the characters *cough* red wedding *cough*.

Ultimately, television is a profound thing. It can completely change your outlook on a situation or help you find parallels between you and a fictional character (sometimes I like to think I'm  Liz Lemon but with hint of Daria). Alternatively, it could create a sense of cohesion between you and others that watch the same show; basically binge watching is not a bad thing because it makes you happy until the season ends.

I would promise to write more frequently, but I wouldn't want to encourage false hope. 


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  1. I have wanted to watch Arrested Development for a while--saw the first 3 episodes and there was some great satire but haven't had much time... Luckily I don't have Netflix or else I'd probably be binge watching instead of commenting on this lovely blog, lol. Interesting post though!